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Bill Clinton’s Marital Tips to Newlyweds

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Bill Clinton is a romantic at heart.

The former president penned a letter dated Aug. 8, 2007, to Sarah Fortune McGregor and Jeremy Todd Gill, congratulating them on their nuptials. It wasn’t just any Arkansas wedding, though.

McGregor and Gill decided to marry in the Fayetteville house where Bill and Hillary Clinton tied the knot. They were the first couple to do so since the famous political couple married there in October 1975. The couple’s friend had a connection to Clinton and presented them with the letter as a wedding gift.

“We wanted a place that was intimate and that we could make our own,” Sarah Gill says. “It’s right by campus, so I drove past it quite a bit and one day I thought to just give the [Clinton House] Museum a call. The way it happened was very similar to how Bill and Hillary ended up in the house, which I love.”

Indeed, Bill drove Hillary past the house in May 1975 on the way to the airport for her trip to the East Coast to visit friends. When she returned, he told her he had bought her dream house and popped the question.

Bill Clinton plans to visit the 1930s English style house on August 11 – the Gills’ third wedding anniversary.

Sarah Gill met Clinton before her marriage when he dropped into the library where she was working during a visit to northwest Arkansas. Her dream is to meet the former president in the house where they both married .

In the letter, Bill wrote that he and Hillary wish them the best. “Your lives will be richer and happier because you have chosen each other,” he wrote. “May the coming years bring the abundant laughter in the good times, courage in the tough times, growing wisdom, and an enduring love.”

Clinton told the young couple to treasure the memories they made at the house on their wedding day just as he and Hillary still do.

When Sarah and Jeremy married, then Sen. Hillary Clinton e-mailed a quote via Mo Elleithee, who worked as Hillary Clinton’s spokesman for her exploratory presidential campaign, to the local newspaper about the wedding: “The home may be small but it is filled with lots of love and tremendous memories. It is so touching to me that they chose to start their lives together there. I wish them much love and happiness as they start this journey together.”

The Clinton home is much cheaper to rent than, say, Astor Courts where Chelsea Clinton plans to marry Marc Mezvinsky Saturday in Rhinebeck, N.Y., in what has been estimated as a $2 million wedding. Couples can rent the grounds — house included — for $150 an hour. Granted, the wedding would have to be intimate. The backyard garden can seat 100 people comfortably with about 50 in the house at any time.

Sarah Gill had her picture snapped in her wedding dress beside the replica of Hillary’s dress. She also posed in front of a picture of a young Bill Clinton, offering him a champagne toast.

“The wedding was very casual just like Bill and Hillary’s,” Gill says. “It was great, and we were part of history.”


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March 6, 2011 at 10:35 pm

Sarah Palin’s Parental Role Models: Bill and Hillary Clinton

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Summer weddings are all the rage among the most politically fascinating — and polar opposite — families. The Clintons and the Palins.

Rumors concerning every detail — the wedding dress, the guest list, the ceremony — swirl around the July 31 wedding of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky at the extravagant Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, N.Y., above the Hudson River. It promises to be a glamorous A-list affair. Mother of the bride and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said repeatedly, whenever given the chance, that Chelsea’s wedding is the most important thing in her life.

Sarah Palin, well, is a different story. It’s rumored that Sarah may not be attending daughter Bristol’s August wedding to her off-again, on-again baby’s daddy Levi Johnston. Gasp! No, no, no. Even Miss Manners has a word to say about this.

While Judith Martin, aka “Miss Manners,” declines to discuss individuals “because it would be rude,” she does have a few thoughts about parents who boycott their children’s wedding, she told Politics Daily’s Annie Groer.

“It is a very serious statement that people sometimes live to regret,” said Martin, the author of “Miss Manners’ Guide to a Surprisingly Dignified Wedding” written with daughter Jacobina Martin. “The regret stems from the fact that it makes the children very angry because it’s a very public form of disapproval. It’s one thing sitting around moaning that your daughter could have done better, but another to make clear to everyone in your entire circle that you think so.”

It’s not entirely shocking if the boycott rumor becomes truth. In the past, Sarah has been less than kind to Levi, who burnished his black sheep credentials when he posed nude for “Playgirl.” He further frosted the family air by stating that Sarah called her son, Trig, who has Down’s syndrome, retarded.

Palin retorted, “Consider the source of the most recent attention-getting lies. Those who would sell their body for money reflect a desperate need for attention and are likely to say and do anything for even more attention.”

Just last week, in a statement to “Good Morning America,” Sarah gave her blessing to her daughter’s union. But it wasn’t exactly endearing. “As parents, we obviously want what is best for our children, but Bristol is ultimately in charge of determining what is best for her and her beautiful son. Bristol believes in redemption and forgiveness to a degree most of us struggle to put in practice in our daily lives. We pray that, as a couple, Bristol and Levi’s relationship matures into one that will allow Tripp to grow up graced with two loving parents in his life.”

Chelsea was once in the middle — literally — between Bill and Hillary during the Monica Lewinsky scandal. But perhaps because of the love for their daughter, the high-powered political couple worked through their problems and remained married. Happy faces will abound at the wedding.

It’s been made clear that invitees to Chelsea’s wedding must personally know the couple, and they should not leak information. The private twosome tend to eschew the spotlight and have not been spotted all over Manhattan buying china and wedding favors.

Bristol and Levi live in a vastly different universe than Chelsea and Marc. They can’t seem to get enough attention. Even Bristol’s recent ex-boyfriend and Levi’s former hockey teammate, Ben Barber, has gotten into the mix, dishing dirt on his former girlfriend.

Bristol and Levi may be in negotiations for a reality show around their impending nuptials in Alaska and life with their 2-year-old son, Tripp, although a rep for Bristol Palin has denied that. Networks don’t seem interested at the moment, but stranger things have aired on television. Remember Tori Spelling?

It’s easy to imagine the reception chatter at Chelsea’s wedding. Think Washington cocktail party with a wedding cake. FOBs like Terry McAuliffe will likely toast the couple and tell everyone who will listen that the Democrats will win the midterms. There will be plenty of wistful White House story telling over expensive champagne.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Bristol and Levi’s celebration. With or without Sarah, it’s sure to be an affair for Alaskans to remember. One family member told the media that the event was Alaska’s equivalent to Princess Diana’s wedding. Maybe with some extra-added caribou in the mix. It’s not so far fetched to think that the wedding, like many celebrity nuptials these days, may be underwritten by a tabloid in exchange for the exclusive pics.

Bristol, 19, could take a lesson from Chelsea, 30.

Chelsea could have opted for a wild party-girl lifestyle in New York or Hollywood. She didn’t exactly have a picture-perfect childhood even in the White House. The media shamefully — and unfairly — joked about her teen awkwardness even as her parents tried their best to shield her from scrutiny. Her father had an impeachment scandal triggered by his liaison with Monica Lewinsky. But Chelsea stayed on track and didn’t take the predictable “fall from grace” path.

Instead, she graduated from Stanford, earned a master’s degree from Oxford, and worked at a New York consulting firm followed by a job at a hedge fund. She serves on the board of the School for American Ballet. She is studying health policy and management at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health.

By contrast, Bristol has had a rough-go thus far in her young life. She endured an unplanned teen pregnancy and a hailstorm of sordid true-and-untrue allegations while her mother ran as Sen. John McCain’s vice presidential pick. Her husband-to-be has feuded bitterly and publicly with his future mother-in-law. Family holidays likely won’t resemble a Currier & Ives postcard.

Both women have one thing in common — fathers who care about them. Reports say that Todd Palin will escort Bristol down the aisle regardless of whether Sarah attends. There’s no question about Bill Clinton. He’ll be there, and he’s losing 15 pounds for the big event.

If Sarah doesn’t attend, the focus will be on her absence and not the couple as they try to make their way into what will surely be a married life with plenty of baggage from the start. Hopefully, the rumors aren’t true and Sarah will attend. If not, she, too, needs to take lesson from Miss Manners — and the Clintons — and be there for her daughter.

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March 6, 2011 at 10:24 pm