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Marvel Comics’ New Spider-Girl: Tough Girl Without the Boobs

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The crime-fighting world needs a heroine about now.

And not Wonder Woman in her redesigned 21st century jeggings and short jacket that makes her look more like she’s headed for the nightclub than a Justice League meeting.

Enter the rebooted Spider-Girl.

Marvel Comics debuts the teen-aged super heroine Wednesday. While Marvel has previously created a Spider-Girl, this one is retooled with less connection and sidekick action to Spiderman.

The original Spider-Girl, first appearing in 1998, was the daughter of Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, and Mary Jane Watson, his sweetheart he later marries. That Spider-Girl had a costume very similar to her father’s.
Not the new one.

Spider-Girl is her own woman in a masked, skin-tight, black latex costume with a silver spider gracing its front. Oh, and she has a Twitter account. Her tweets also double as thought captions in the comic. Some recent tweets include, “I look good in black” and “Dear Everyone. Spider-Man is NOT my dad / brother / boyfriend / evil twin.”
But on one tweet, Spider-Girl even hints at a crush (maybe?) on Spider-Man. “And then HE saved ME from a tentacle! He moved FAST. And he felt…umm…let’s just say he must work out.”

Will Spider-Girl get more Twitter followers than Sarah Palin or Lady Gaga?(Likely not, unless one of them guest stars in her adventures.)
According to Spider-Girl author, Paul Tobin, Spider-Girl’s twitter account is “a sort of DVD extra: a behind-the-scenes look at what makes Spider-Girl tick.”
Oh, and if you want to know where Spider-Girl is, no dice. She turns off the location notifier for her tweets. Better to fool the enemy.

While Marvel says that Spider-Girl is aimed at everyone, she may just be the heroine teenage girls need right now. What young woman doesn’t need an alter ego to fight the mean girls? Spider-Girl is tough, sassy and takes no prisoners. In her second adventure out in December, Spider-Girl tackles the gigantic Red Hulk, a villain in the vein of the Incredible Hulk.

In May, Hope Larson, a comic artist, undertook an informal survey on her Web site to find out what ‘tween and teenage girls want in characters. “Girls want to see strong, in-control, kick-ass women calling the shots,” she wrote. She also discovered that girls did not like the objectification of female super heroines and that “pink, sparkly cutesy comics about boyfriends, ponies, cupcakes and shopping are widely reviled.”
Maybe Spider-Girl creators took note of these suggestions. She appears tough and not incredibly buxom or curvy in her costume, as some super heroines are drawn to attract the eye of male readers. Instead, she’s lithe, reminiscent of Diana Rigg’s Emma Peel from “The Avengers,” the 1960s British television show, as she swings through the city searching for trouble and the bad guys – or girls.

Spider-Girl is the alter ego of Anya Corazon, the daughter of a famous investigative journalist, who was raised to seek out truth and justice. But a Spider Society sought her out to become a crime fighter. At some point the Spider Society’s sorcerer was forced to transfer some of his power in order to her to save her life. She then received a spider-shaped tattoo bestowing her with enhanced strength and agility. She was trained as a combat martial artist by some of the best fighters in the world and helped her hero, Spiderman, in a battle. Now, she is ready to fight solo. Think Beatrice in “Kill Bill.”

In a sample of the comic book sent to Politics Daily by Marvel, Spider-Girl takes on Screwball, a girl criminal who films her crimes. Her latest: Stolen figurines from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Spider-Girl, with her flowing brown hair, punches out Screwball in the face. A cop on the scene to arrest Screwball says, “Hey, you’re a kid . . . just a girl.”

Spider-Girl retorts, “I’m not JUST a girl.”

Good for you, Spider-Girl.

Hopefully, Spider-Girl will remain tough and hard-hitting without having a horrible fate or having to call for reinforcements from the Marvel Universe to assist her. DC Comics ruined Batgirl a few years ago when the Joker shot Batgirl, paralyzing her. She later re-emerged as Oracle, an information gatherer in a wheelchair, only to be re-christened later as a new character in a redefined role as a tough crime fighter. In fact, Spider-Girl was previously christened Arana but has found rebirth as Anya now. But confusingly, she keeps aspects of Arana’s backstory. Such is the way in the comic universe, where heroes die and are reborn — sort of like daytime soap opera characters or politicians who reinvent themselves after scandal. It keeps people tuned in.

In 1946, female comic book readers outnumbered males. These days, boys read more comics than girls. But maybe that will change with Spider-Girl if girls give her half a chance, and she doesn’t become too moody, dark and the Emo girl next door or perky with a Care Bear T-shirt trying out for the cheerleader squad – a modern day Betty or Veronica.

“If you have the will to do right, you have the responsibility to the world,” states a tagline in the Spider-Girl press materials. Not a bad motto for people who need to find an adventure, solve some problems and stop whining on Facebook.


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March 8, 2011 at 10:37 pm

John McCain Reponds to Lady Gaga’s Effort to Repeal ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’

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Two senators responded Friday to Lady Gaga’s campaign to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” which included the release of a YouTube video featuring the pop star Friday morning.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told a radio station he hopes Lady Gaga realizes the repeal effort is “a pure political ploy” on the part of Democrats, and Sen. Kirsten Gillebrand (D-N.Y.) tweeted she opposes the 17-year-old law that bans gays from serving openly in the military and is “helping lead the fight to repeal DADT.”

Earlier Friday, Lady Gaga posted a seven-minute video aimed at McCain, Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), James Inhofe (R-Okla.), and Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) — as well as “youth all over the world who are watching.”

In a stark black-and-white video, Lady Gaga, wearing a black pants suit, white shirt and a black tie, sits in front of an American flag and asks the senators to repeal DADT.

She accuses the Obama administration of failing to protect 400 service members who have been discharged under the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

Lady Gaga, who has become a serious and powerful advocate for LGBT rights, says DADT forces those in the military to “hide and keep private” their sexuality in order to serve. She says the law is being used to profile gays in the military, and that superiors are going through their private e-mails and belongings.

“Gay soldiers have become targets,” she says. “In short, not only is the law unconstitutional, but it’s not even being properly or fairly enforced by the government.”

On Thursday, Gaga tweeted to her 6.3 million Twitter followers: “SENATOR JOHN MCCAIN is attempting to stop the DON’T ASK DON’T TELL repeal vote this Tuesday, with a filibuster.”

She offered her version of a virtual Civics 101 lesson, with a bit of spin: “A Filibuster is a way to obstruct the Senate Floor from discussing or voting on a given LAW, + is essentially a tactic to hijack our debate.” (In fact, filibusters do not stop discussion, only the vote itself.)
Friday, McCain responded to Lady Gaga in an interview with KFYI in Phoenix. “I hope she’ll continue to pay attention, and to watch the debates on the Senate floor, and understand that this is a pure political ploy on the part of [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid and Democrats who see their majority slipping away.”
McCain added, “They’re politicizing national security. People like Lady Gaga need to understand that the military is a unique institution,” he said.

“I am here to be a voice for my generation,” she says. “Not the generation of the senators who are voting, but for the youth of this country, the generation that is affected by this law and whose children will be affected. We’re not asking you to agree with, or approve the moral implications of homosexuality. We’re asking you to do your job, protect the Constitution.”

She continues in the video to tell stories about military men and women who have been discharged because of their sexual orientation.

At its end, she tells viewers how to call their senators through the Senate switchboard. Lady Gaga attempts to call her senator – Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) – on her Blackberry. The phone rings and she gets a busy signal. Lady Gaga smirks. She tries to call the other New York senator, Kirsten Gillebrand, whose voice mail is full.

She urges viewers to call Friday and explains what to say — vote with Sens Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Carl Levin (D-Mich.) to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and oppose McCain’s “shameless filibuster.”


Later in the day, Gillibrand wrote to Gaga on Twitter: “Thx for calling. I couldn’t agree more and am helping lead the fight to repeal DADT. Do you have a moment to talk later today?”The Wall Street Journal reported late Thursday that McCain may move to block the upcoming DADT repeal effort. It said that activists from Arizona-based Human & Equal Rights Organizers stood up during a Senate hearing on the security of the Korean peninsula and held signs with images from the civil rights era. One protestor’s sign read, “Senator McCain, repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,’ do you want to be the next George Wallace?”

McCain, a former Navy pilot, was a prisoner of war for more than five years in North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.

Lady Gaga’s activism on GLBT issues took center stage this week after she appeared on Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards program escorted by four gays from the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network. Media also noticed her back-and-forth tweets with Reid on the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repealer, which is part of the Defense Authorization bill.

Her fans went into overdrive just minutes after Gaga tweeted her call to action. They retweeted her missive to thousands. One fan tweeted, “. . . #DADT needs to be stopped. Prejudice is a disease.”

Another tweeted about what McCain may expect in the days leading to the vote: “McCains VM box=full, so lets send a million tweets/emails telling him 2 allow the Vote on DADT.

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March 8, 2011 at 9:32 pm

Lady Gaga’s ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Activism Is Getting Results

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Lady Gaga’s activism works.


Just ask the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, a group dedicated to “ending discrimination and harassment of military personnel affected by ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,'” the policy that prevents gays from serving openly in the military, according to its Web site.
Four members of that group escorted Lady Gaga to the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday to help Lady Gaga publicize her campaign to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”


The proof is in the numbers.


On Thursday, the group said 107,159 people clicked on its site within 72 hours after Lady Gaga had urged her fans to check it out. The group said that nearly 93 percent were first-time visitors to the action site.

The group’s Web site features a picture of Lady Gaga with her four escorts, gay military veterans, on the red carpet last Sunday at the awards show. Later, she asked viewers on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to call Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to schedule a vote on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” She also tweeted and posted a Facebook message to her Little Monster fans to call Reid.

His campaign responded to Lady Gaga via Twitter to let her know a vote is scheduled next week.

The Reid campaign kept responding to Gaga fans on Twitter Thursday afternoon to encourage them to read the bio on his campaign Web site.

Thursday afternoon, Reid filed for cloture on the motion to proceed to debate the National Defense Authorization Act, which contains the amendment aimed at repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. This sets up a floor vote on the motion for Tuesday.

Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, has been a LGBT activist since hitting the music scene in 2008. Last October, she spoke at the National Equality March rally in Washington and said it was the single most important event of her career.

Her Web site also features a call to action against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” by encouraging fans to visit the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network Web site.

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March 8, 2011 at 9:26 pm

Justin Bieber to Obama: Download My Songs

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FYI, President Obama. Justin Bieber has some music tips for you.

Bieber tweeted Thursday night, “Hey President Obama check out U SMILE and RUNAWAY LOVE — bet those could go in your ipod :)”

“U Smile” is one of the 16-year-old teen heartthrob’s biggest digital singles. It was a top 30 hit on the U.S. Hot 100, and a top 20 hit in his home country of Canada. He sang it last spring on “American Idol.”

During Obama’s appearance Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” he said he didn’t have any Bieber tunes on his iPod but that “he’s a very nice young man.”

Bieber met Obama in December when he performed at the “Christmas in Washington” concert. He also got his picture taken with Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. At that time, Bieber tweeted, “In DC preparing to sing for President OBAMA!!”

He followed that with “Yeah im nervous. if i mess up he might deport me back to Canada. Lol.”

First daughters Sasha and Malia met Bieber during the taping of the Christmas special and again during the White House Easter Egg Roll where he sung “Baby.”

Bieber tweeted from Bill Clinton’s home town, Little Rock, Ark., where he performs Thursday night. “just finished the meet and greet here in Little Rock, AR but im on vocal rest until show…we played charades. nice…2 words..sounds like..”

He also sent a Facebook message to fans, “Little Rock, AR we are gonna have some fun tonight….Im on Vocal Rest until showtime (this sucks) but we played charades at the sound check party and i broke the rules a couple times. But tonight it’s all about the music.”

On Wednesday night, Bieber was picketed by members of Westboro Baptist Church, which has also targeted Lady Gaga.

Bieber and Lady Gaga have been in an Internet war for most YouTube video hits. Last week, Bieber’s video “Baby,” featuring Ludacris, surpassed 250 million hits, knocking Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” into second place with 247.6 million.

But Lady Gaga still has more Facebook fans (14 million) than Bieber (8.3 million) or Obama (11.5 million).

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March 6, 2011 at 10:33 pm

Justin Bieber Joins Lady Gaga as Target of Westboro Baptist Church

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Watch out, Justin Bieber, you’re a target.

The 16-year-old Canadian pop star, who teenagers either undyingly love or massively loathe, has been singled out for protest by the notorious Westboro Baptist Church, just like his top-charting rival Lady Gaga.

When Bieber plays the Sprint Center on Wednesday night in Kansas City, fans can expect to see Westboro church members holding signs and issuing taunts. The church is known for picketing the funerals of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan with signs reading “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “God Hates Fags” — because they believe that as long as America countenances sin, American soldiers deserve to die.

Earlier this month, they protested at Lady Gaga concerts in St. Louis and Oklahoma City. They plan to picket her again at her Kansas City concert on Aug. 3.

The group certainly gets around. A few days after their Gaga gig in St. Louis, they picketed Al Gore and the hugely popular Comic-Con convention, both in San Diego. At the latter, they were greeted by an array of unique protesters — “robots,” magical anime girls, Trekkies, Jedi and even kittens. The comic book hero wannabes chanted at Westboro: “What do we want? Gay sex. When do we want it? Now!”

Neither Bieber nor his fans are a genuine threat to humanity — not to anyone’s knowledge, anyway. But Westboro strongly disagrees. Church members say they are picketing the pop star “to remind all of those in attendance that America’s destruction is imminent!”

They add via their website, “There are no jobs, homes, money or hope, but you’ll pay big bucks to attend rock concerts by the thousands.”

The church group says that Bieber “has a platform given to him by God to speak to this world; he has a duty to teach obedience by his actions and words. He refuses to do that because he knows his concert halls would be empty! So, he teaches you to sin and rebel against God’s commandments.”

Bieber is also criticized for performing last Christmas in Washington where “he got to pose with Anti-Christ Beast Obama.” The group writes, “He and Obama are of one mind and they are leading this nation to hell! Justin will answer to God!”

Before Lady Gaga’s St. Louis concert, she advised her “little monster” fans via Facebook and Twitter to avoid the protesters:

“Although I respect and do not judge anyone for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me is violent and dangerous. I wanted to make my fans aware of my views on how to approach, or rather not approach, these kinds of hate activists.”

Westboro has targeted the pop singer because she supports gay and lesbian rights. The group has also recorded parodies of two of her songs, “Pokerface” and “Telephone.” Bieber, who will appear on the season premiere of the CBS drama “CSI” in September, has thus far escaped any such parodies.

Westboro Baptist Church, which is based in Kansas, was founded by Fred Phelps, 80, in the 1950s. The church has protested a litany of events — veterans’ funerals, Jewish synagogues, football games, political events, and even Michael Jackson’s funeral.

Earlier this year, the father of a Marine killed in action in Iraq had to pay the legal costs of Westboro after he sued them for carrying placards bearing anti-homosexual epithets at his son’s funeral. A judge ruled that the First Amendment protected their right to do so.

The group is designated as a hate group by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. Heidi Beirich, director of research at the latter, says that Westboro protests such mega-events for the attention it brings them.

“The more provocative they are, the more excited they are,” she said. “They have gone after everything under the sun. They represent something terrible, but it’s better to know they are there than not know.”

So far, Bieber hasn’t addressed his 8.2 million fans via Facebook about Westboro. His latest status mentions what is on the minds of most 16-year-old boys — girls.

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March 6, 2011 at 10:28 pm

Lady Gaga Takes on Westboro Baptist

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Lady Gaga isn’t afraid of some gay-bashing protestors. On Saturday evening, the goddess Gaga posted a note entitled “At the risk of drawing attention to a hateful organization” to her “little monster fans” via her Facebook page addressing the protest by the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church. The church has protested a litany of events – veterans’ funerals, football games, political events, and even Michael Jackson’s funeral. They waved their signs outside Lady Gaga’s concert Saturday night at St. Louis’ Scottrade Center.

She wrote that “this group of protesters are hate criminals and preach using lewd and violent language and imagery that I wish I protect you all from. Their message is of hatred and divisiveness, but inside at the Monsterball we preach love and unity.”

Westboro Baptist ChurchThe Westboro Baptist Church, which is based in Kansas, is designated a hate group by both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was founded by Fred Phelps, 80, in the 1950s.

Earlier this year, the father of a Marine killed in action in Iraq had to pay the legal costs of Westboro Baptist Church. He sued them after they picketed his son’s funeral, carrying placards bearing anti-homosexual epithets.

The independent church, which is not affiliated with other Baptist churches, targeted Lady Gaga earlier this year with flyers that said, “God hates ‘Lady’ Gaga” and quoting Jeremiah 3:3-5. The flyer said Lady Gaga used art and fashion as euphemisms and guises “under which proud whore Lady Gaga teaches rebellion against God.”

On their website, Westboro says of Lady Gaga: “There appears to be little to no hope for her, but who is to say what is doing with the souls of those who may be swarming to listen to your less-than-beautiful singing program?”

Then there’s the kicker. Comparing Lady Gaga to President Barack Obama. “Keep your eye on this silly woman, as she and the Beast Obama are good examples of what you all love most about this vile nation.”

In her Saturday Facebook note, Lady Gaga, whose real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, wrote, “Although I respect and do not judge anyone for their personal views on any politics or religion, this group in particular to me is violent and dangerous. I wanted to make my fans aware of my views on how to approach, or rather not approach, these kinds of hate activists.”

In a Twitter post after Saturday night’s concert, Lady Gaga wrote, “Tonight love and hate met in St. Louis. And love outnumbered the hate, in poetic thousands. Hate left. But love stayed. + Together, we sang.”

She should remember that come Tuesday night. Hate is visiting her again when Westboro Baptist Church plans to picket her Oklahoma City concert. The group will be busy that day. Before the Lady Gaga concert, they plan to picket at the Oklahoma state capitol because Oklahoma wants “to kill the servants of God.” They will then take their signs to the Cox Convention Center to protest the National Association of Free Will Baptists Convention before ending the day with Lady Gaga fans.

Fans responded enthusiastically to Gaga’s message of love not war.

One fan wrote, “you don’t discriminate YET they discriminate against you, they hate you, they spit on you, call you names, put you down, and you ask us to not pay them attention. You are a strong person, and you followed your dreams, that’s a message EVERYONE should be sending.”

Other comments centered on the political nature of Westboro. “Dont know why the American Government still allow these Westboro rats to spew their vile guts on the street, they shouldve been sent to Coventry as soon as they went on about gays and soldiers.”

Lady Gaga may have been attempting trying to halt any verbal or physical escalation that might occur before or after her concert. She asked fans to “pay these hate criminals no mind. Do not interact with them, or try to fight, Do not respond to any of their provocation.”

Westboro Baptist Church has created parody videos aimed at Lady Gaga. In June, Fred Phelps’ grand-daughter recorded a song that took aim at Lady Gaga’s song “Telephone.” The parody version, called “Ever Burn” told Lady Gaga she was destined for hell and called her a “devil spawn.” It was the second such video. Earlier this year, the group recorded another song to one of Lady Gaga’s tunes, “Poker Face,” with the lyric, “You pissed off God, you’ll see what he’s got.”

In her Facebook note, Lady Gaga said that Westboro’s message was “ignorant” and that fans should “feel gratitude in your heart that you are not burdened or addicted to hate, as they are.”

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March 6, 2011 at 10:21 pm