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Sarah Palin’s Triple Whammy: Chris Christie, Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly

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In front of an Alaskan backdrop of mountains and a lake, Sarah Palin had a busy, busy night on television Friday. She found time to tweak a fellow Republican, dismiss the president, and scold a top-rated Fox News talk show host.

Palin opened by questioning New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s toughness and attacking President Barack Obama for naivete. After that, she preached about cutting various government programs to Bill O’Reilly before advising him not to interrupt her. All in a night’s work.

On America’s Nightly Scoreboard, host David Asman informed Palin that Christie had told Fox Business News that he didn’t see any politician as inspiring. “Do you?” Asman asked Palin.

“Heck yeah, I am so thankful for all these common sense conservative politicians to serve and cut for the right reasons,” she said. “And with all due respect to Governor Christie, you know he has no choice but to cut budgets because he’s broke, his state is broke. What courage really is, is in the face of having a surplus when you have opportunity to spend, spend, spend other people’s money, and you still choose to rein in government to let the private sector soar.”

Palin said as governor she trimmed Alaska’s budget, although it had a surplus. She put a hiring freeze in place, reduced earmarks by 86 percent and vetoed the largest amounts of spending in the state’s history, she said.

Without mentioning potential 2012 Republican candidates by name, Palin said, “I find inspiration in tea party patriots [and] those with common sense who aren’t playing a lot of games.”

On the same show, she said President Obama didn’t understand the labor situation in Wisconsin because he is “so inexperienced in the private sector and in goverment, and in actually running anything and making any kind of budget.”

She added that Obama has a “naive and destructive and terrifying anti-oil agenda” that “is going to bring our nation to our knees — and his agenda must be stopped.”

Wearing the same fleece and faux fur jacket, Palin appeared later on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor” to discuss future plans for government entitlements such as Social Security. “Yeah, entitlement programs have to be reformed,” she told the host. “They are going to eat our lunch. They will certainly consume our entire federal budget by 2035. unless we reform.”

Palin cited Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s plan, “A Roadmap for American’s Future” as one way restrain Social Security costs. She said his proposal “can nail it quite accurately, as when he talks about age 55 being a cut-off age” in the future for traditional Social Security payments.

Ryan’s plan would preserve the existing Social Security program for those 55 or older but offer workers younger than 55 the option of investing more than one-third of their Social Security taxes in personal retirement accounts.

Palin chastised the hard-charging O’Reilly for interrupting her: “I really apologize that up here in Alaska we have this four-second delay so it’s not an easy exchange to try and get my point across to you if you interrupt.” O’Reilly let her make points on raising the retirement age and the possibility that safety net programs for the poor will have to be reduced.

“If we had a robust economy here and all across the country then we wouldn’t have to be looking at these insolvent entitlement programs that, yeah, when we start pulling the plug on some of them there is going to be a shared burden across the country,” she said.


Written by suziparker1313

March 10, 2011 at 4:11 am

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