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Maine Governor Candidate Busts Opponent for ‘Bush Terrorist’ Photo

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Democratic Maine gubernatorial candidate Libby Mitchell has been called out by her opponent, Paul LePage, for posing with a framed document that has an image of President George W. Bush describing him as an “International Terrorist.” In the picture, Mitchell is laughing.

The fracas began Monday night at a gubernatorial debate when Mitchell, the country’s only woman to serve as both the president of a state senate and house speaker, brought up some past comments that LePage made about President Barack Obama. LePage told a group of fisherman that if elected, he’d be on the front page frequently, telling Obama to “go to hell.” Monday night, Mitchell said that a governor must be respectful of a president.


LePage, the mayor of Waterville* and a businessman, fired back that he’d seen a picture of Mitchell mocking Bush, implying it was none too respectful. Mitchell denied the picture existed. But after the debate, LePage’s campaign released the photo. Mitchell, a 30-year veteran of state government, has since apologized.


“A person who was at a Democratic fundraiser earlier in the year with Libby Mitchell sent it to us,” Lance Dutson, spokesman for the state GOP, told Politics Daily. “This person was disgusted by Mitchell’s hypocrisy of attacking LePage about his Obama comments when there was this picture out there.”


The photo had also been previously posted on Facebook. The Democratic Party of Maine said the picture was taken in a private home during a light-hearted moment.


LePage, too, has apologized for his statements regarding Obama.

Polls show the contentious gubernatorial race is in a dead heat. The Republican Party recently launched a lengthy online ad attacking Mitchell for lavish renovations to the statehouse when she was speaker of the House. In turn, the Democratic Party released a two-minute ad titled “Statesman or Bully?”


Written by suziparker1313

March 8, 2011 at 10:05 pm

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