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Justin Bieber to Obama: Download My Songs

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FYI, President Obama. Justin Bieber has some music tips for you.

Bieber tweeted Thursday night, “Hey President Obama check out U SMILE and RUNAWAY LOVE — bet those could go in your ipod :)”

“U Smile” is one of the 16-year-old teen heartthrob’s biggest digital singles. It was a top 30 hit on the U.S. Hot 100, and a top 20 hit in his home country of Canada. He sang it last spring on “American Idol.”

During Obama’s appearance Thursday on ABC’s “The View,” he said he didn’t have any Bieber tunes on his iPod but that “he’s a very nice young man.”

Bieber met Obama in December when he performed at the “Christmas in Washington” concert. He also got his picture taken with Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. At that time, Bieber tweeted, “In DC preparing to sing for President OBAMA!!”

He followed that with “Yeah im nervous. if i mess up he might deport me back to Canada. Lol.”

First daughters Sasha and Malia met Bieber during the taping of the Christmas special and again during the White House Easter Egg Roll where he sung “Baby.”

Bieber tweeted from Bill Clinton’s home town, Little Rock, Ark., where he performs Thursday night. “just finished the meet and greet here in Little Rock, AR but im on vocal rest until show…we played charades. nice…2 words..sounds like..”

He also sent a Facebook message to fans, “Little Rock, AR we are gonna have some fun tonight….Im on Vocal Rest until showtime (this sucks) but we played charades at the sound check party and i broke the rules a couple times. But tonight it’s all about the music.”

On Wednesday night, Bieber was picketed by members of Westboro Baptist Church, which has also targeted Lady Gaga.

Bieber and Lady Gaga have been in an Internet war for most YouTube video hits. Last week, Bieber’s video “Baby,” featuring Ludacris, surpassed 250 million hits, knocking Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” into second place with 247.6 million.

But Lady Gaga still has more Facebook fans (14 million) than Bieber (8.3 million) or Obama (11.5 million).


Written by suziparker1313

March 6, 2011 at 10:33 pm

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