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Democrats Lincoln, Halter Head to Senate Runoff in Arkansas

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And the winner in the Arkansas Democratic primary for U.S. Senate is…

Stay tuned.

Neither Sen. Blanche Lincoln nor Lt. Gov. Bill Halter got enough votes to win the nomination, so a runoff election will be held June 8.

The winner of that contest will face Rep. John Boozman in November. He emerged from a field of seven other candidates to claim the Republican Senate nomination outright.

Here’s a look at the possible general election scenarios.

blanche lincoln bill halter

Lincoln vs. Boozman –The two Washington insiders tackle each other in an anti-incumbent electoral climate. During the primary, Lincoln, a moderate Blue Dog Democrat, was bruised by Halter, who forced her to swing to the left on certain issues such as health care and banking reform. Boozman, a five-term congressman from northwest Arkansas — the most conservative corner of the state — will have to make serious inroads in the other three congressional districts. Money will pour in for both candidates from their respective parties.

Halter vs. Boozman — Progressive Washington outsider in a Blue Dog Democratic state takes on the conservative, Washington insider. Halter will have the netroots activists’ money and ground support. Boozman naturally lands dollars from the Republican establishment. Tea Party voters weren’t behind Boozman in the Republican primary, and it’s not clear how much strength they will have in November. A little-known independent candidate, Trevor Drown, has qualified for the November ballot. Drown, who touts his military and Christian credentials on his Facebook page, could attract dissatisfied Tea Party voters.


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March 2, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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