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Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s Voting Day Snafu

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Blanche Lincoln
Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s Election Day vote in her primary contest against Lt. Gov. Bill Halter probably won’t be counted right away.
That’s because she had to cast a provisional ballot Tuesday when she arrived, with her husband and twin sons, at the gothic St. James United Methodist Church in Little Rock to vote. CNN’s Dana Bash, a camera crew, and a team of Washington reporters were there to document every minute.
Prior to Election Day, she had requested an absentee ballot, something she said she does every year in order to vote in smaller elections like school board. She said she didn’t submit the absentee ballot, but voting officials had no way of telling, so she had to cast a provisional ballot instead of a regular one.
What happens to Lincoln’s ballot? It goes into a provisional envelope and is “handled in a special way,” according to an official at the Pulaski County Election Commission. In 10 days, election commissioners will open the ballot and cross-reference it with the absentee ballot. Her provisional ballot goes toward the final count if there’s no absentee vote on record.
Lincoln will receive a letter from the Election Commission explaining the outcome.

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March 2, 2011 at 6:55 pm

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